Isn’t this all coincidence?

Very high probability you will hear good clear reversals. These reversals are occurring every 20 to 30 seconds in grammatically correct sentences that have direct relationship to the forwards. The statistical odds of that occurring by random chance is not very likely.

Its like pictures in clouds you are just imagining into the gibberish what you want to believe ?

It is likely to project into the gibberish without skillful training. But we have developed very standard guidelines that if they are followed any one will hear the phrase without prompting. If several people can hear the same phrase without being prompted then surely that implies that the phrase exists.

Does this occur in other languages?

Yes it generally occurs in the language people are thinking in and if someone is bi lingual you can get reversals in both languages.

If I read the letters back can I get the same reversal?

No. Reversals are not formed by the letters of the word they are formed by the sound of speech. Therefore two people can say the exact same thing and get different reversals.

Can I reproduce the same reversal by reading or saying the same thing?

The generally not likely. However if you can reproduce the speech exactly the same way forwards you may get an approximation of the same reversals. Speech in natural honest conversation is rarely identical.

Isn’t this the work of the devil?

By calling this the work of the devil you are putting Satan on the same level as God because you are saying he created Reverse Speech and Satan doesn’t create.

The satanic argument came originally from listening to rock and roll music backwards. It was unexplained and unknown and the tendency of insecurity of human nature is to put things down or to demonize what we don’t know or understand.

The fact that some bands who openly claim to have satanic influences may have negative messages is not a surprise. On the same token there are far more messages of hope love and God. Reverse Speech occurs on every one, even devout Christian ministers have reversals. Reverse Speech is a natural function of the human mind that will reflect what is in the human mind at the time of speaking. If that is negativity you will get negativity, if you are positive you get positive reversals.

Is Reverse Speech a cult?

No. Not even close. It is another modality taught similar to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Gestalt therapy. The founder of Reverse Speech, David Oates, is an ordinary man living in a suburban home raising his children. He discovered Reverse Speech after his tape deck became damaged and only played tapes backwards. He later noticed that conversations had naturally occurring reversals. A cult is a religious organizations that relies on people giving their responsibilities for themselves and their lives over to the cult often with their possession. Reverse Speech on the other hand does the exact opposite by giving back self-control to the individual. Cults dis-empower people. Reverse speech is all about empowering people. By hearing your inner voice you can free yourself of life long damaging patterns.

Do you have some ethical standards?

Yes. Reverse Speech has a strict code of ethics that all analysts agree to adhere to. One of these code of ethics requires that, except for public events and media broadcasts, all parties must agree to being analyzed and results cannot be disclosed without the permission of all parties on the tape or digital recordings.

What do you do with Reverse Speech?

In every situation where people are speaking and extra information is required Reverse Speech can be useful. It has been used successfully in police investigation work, business negotiations and most commonly in therapeutic situations. It is possible in one half hour session recorded to find reasons and cause for behavior and health issues.

Where did Reverse Speech originate?

People have been aware of backward messages in music since the 1970’s. However reversals were not discovered in human speech till 1984 by David Oates who published his initial theories in 1987. Since that time he has written several books and has been traveling, teaching and lecturing extensively.

What about the bible and Reverse Speech?

In Romans chapter 8 it says that spirit speaks in groans too deep for the human mind to understand. It is believed that this is an implicit reference to Reverse Speech.

The book of Revelations talks about the two edged sword of the spirit that pierces the heart and soul. Sword in Reverse Speech is a metaphor for communication. Some Reverse Speech analysts believe that the two edged sword spoken about in the Bible refers to speech both forwards and backwards. The Bible also refers to the voice of the spirit as being “under the tongue.” There are inferences to Reverse Speech in the bible in phrases such as “under the tongue” – this phrase translates to “a language unconsciously acquired.”

Can any harm come to people by Reverse Speech?

Unfortunately the answer is yes if used incorrectly and without due care. That is why Reverse Speech training and the code of ethics has been meticulously designed to minimize any possible damage. Some areas addressed include not doing reversals on family and friends. This is ill advised as it can cause tensions and conflicts. It is also ill advised doing reversals on yourself as it can cause psychological stress.

How do I change my Reverse Speech and metaphors?

This done by using a technique called metaphor restructuring, which is a specialized and form of guided visualization where the client is guided to change the picture of the metaphor. As the pictures change so too does the behavior change.

How do you know that the metaphors in the dictionary are correct?

The dictionary is in an ever-evolving state, as definitions are refined and updated. Metaphor definitions are determined by applying the principles of complementary. When a metaphor is seen in the same context many times it is added to the dictionary of definitions with its meaning based on context. As more references are found the meaning becomes sharper. Additionally research and investigations have been done combining information found in other metaphor texts, dream dictionaries, mythologies and the works of other authorities such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.

What is the difference between Backward Masking and Reverse Speech?

Backward Masking is a recording technique were words and statements are deliberately inserted backwards into the sound track, whereas Reverse Speech is a naturally occurring part of every day conversation, happening naturally with no technical manipulation.

Is there any academic endorsement of Reverse Speech?

Many individual academics have taken Reverse Speech classes and privately endorse Reverse Speech. However wide spread acceptance of the work has not yet taken place. The Oregon state police have accepted Reverse Speech as an optional extra in there training program. Additionally California State University recently published a paper that found the brain was able to decode speech backwards.

What kind of messages do you get with Reverse Speech?

Messages come from certain areas of the mind. Sometimes the can come from very matter of a fact parts of the mind and discuss normal every day topics. Other times reversals seem to come from the unconscious part of the mind and give us reasons for current behaviors and health issues. It can even predict future out comes of current behavior. At the levels of Reverse Speech statements can be found that talk about the soul itself.

As you are talking can you hear the reversals of other people?

The simple answer is yes. The brain is constantly hearing and decoding Reverse Speech and we recognize it as instinct or gut feeling.

When does Reverse Speech start to occur in language?

Research shows that reversals can occur from as early as 4 months of age and usually start before forward language begins. Children start to speak single words in reverse at first and by the time they are 18 months of age they are speaking fluently in reverse.

Where do you see the future of Reverse Speech?

Long term I see Reverse Speech leading the people back to congruency and forcing people to be honest with themselves. It also has the potential to provide tangible proof of the existence of the human soul and spirit. In the short term I see it being used more as a healing modality, and hopefully the police and other agencies using it in trial studies.

a couple of people walking through a forest
a couple of people walking through a forest
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brown and green trees during daytime