I was fortunate to discover the pioneering work of David John Oates in Reverse Speech when I attended his lecture in Laughlin Nev. 1998 and pursued it and completing formal training.
Aways fascinated with the link between our perceptions and reality, I have discovered that the way we use language directly affects the way we perceive reality, as we all know it affects the way the world responds to us. The imagery found in language fashions the unconscious framework that we use to interpret our three dimensional world. Reverse Speech is a unique underrated modality that opens the door to the unconscious mind, revealing the language of dream and metaphor, as well as the mundane desires and prejudices that influences our personal lives.
My professional goal in Reverse Speech is to provide each client with a model that allows them to listen to the guiding voice an aspect of our self within, and to craft a life that is congruent in every way with their innermost healing and aspirations..

About Frank

My training includes:
Reverse Speech Practitioner, Analyst,
Trainer and Investigator
Body Talk Access Technician
Body Talk- module 1,2,3,6
Reconnective Healing
Past Life Therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Matrix Energetics-level 1,2
Graphic Artist

Frank Gomez